Sponsorship Consultancy & Communications

"Next generation sponsoring"

Sponsoring originally started as the hobby of the CEO. Later, it was taken over by the marketing professional. Now the commercial use of sponsorship is led by specific, communication objectives. It should deliver clear commercial advantage to the sponsor. In the last decades, sponsoring has developed into an important business strategic tool for brands and companies.

Whatever the actual target audience, the need is always to manage the way in which a company, brand of product is perceived.

Sponsorship is the medium that most directly creates communication with the audience based on their interest and lifestyle.

About MdH

Founded in 1986 by Mick de Haas, MdH Communications has offices in Zug - Switzerland, London - England and the Amsterdam area - the Netherlands. It specialises in European and International campaigns.

MdH Communications is a full member of ESCA, the European Sponsorship Consultants Association.