Sponsorship Consultancy & Communications


MdH is an agency with a difference. We don’t aim to replace or be seen as the client in the eyes of the outside world. Simply, we aim to support and supplement our clients’ own resources.  The sole objective is extracting the maximum benefit from a sponsorship or campaign at minimum cost to the client.


Identify and agree upon clearly defined strategic marketing objectives. Once defined, we advise on:

  • Whether sponsorship is a cost-effective tool to help achieve the objectives

  • The format and shape of the campaign

  • Regular strategic reviews form an important part of our client relationships.


In today’s highly competitive marketplace, knowledge is power. MdH Cosultants’ knowledge allows us to create unique, tailored programmes to meet our clients’ objectives and take into account available opportunities, activities of competitors, trends in sponsorship, legislative restrictions and developments.

Action and Support

We believe in creative implementation and aim to bring fresh ideas to your campaign. Our staff understands sponsorship and marketing communications, and the necessity for regular and open reviews throughout the campaign in order to ensure that goals are being met and targets reached.


We monitor campaign performance and measure the results against objectives.