Sponsorship Consultancy & Communications

Peter Plevier

Cars, boats and bikes or how to make your hobby your work…

After spending a lot of time on his windsurf board, racing with old Alfa Romeo’s and playing with Yamaha XT 500’s, it was time to go to work.

Peter’s first job was introducing electrical boats to the Dutch market. After this it became more serious, Peter became the marketing manager at the TT racetrack in Assen. And then came the cars…. First as PR Manager for Mercedes-Benz; amazing cars, Formula 1, DTM, tennis and football.

Then came an offer he couldn’t refuse: PR Director Renault; great cars, Formula 1, Clio Cup, Formula Renault, speed skating and sailing. During Sail Amsterdam 2000 Peter worked for the first time with Mick de Haas.

Peter is an all-round communication and sponsoring specialist. He is always working on new ideas and works as a senior consultant at MdH Communications. And still doing a lot with cars, boats and bikes…